Get out of the city... You love being in nature. You love trying new things. But you have lacked the time because you just feel too busy. Your career keeps you working long hours. You have trouble separating yourself from it. You constantly take on the needs of others. You keep hoping that the next date will make you feel better or if you just find the one, something will finally slow down and help you feel grounded. You find yourself wondering, "am I even legit enough to be everything I want to be?" You drive down the 405 and want to chuck your iPhone out the window.  

It's time to take care of you. You need to shake things up and find a way out of the grind of life. You don't want to do therapy for an hour a week the next 6 months. You want something different. It's time for an adventure, but one that doesn't require a lot of planning and preparation on your part because you already do enough of that everyday.

Sunset chaser.png

More than a therapy session. Life changing experiences await. Imagine taking a long weekend in a beautiful wilderness setting. You arrive to a campsite perfectly arranged for you, your gear is prepped and your first meal is being prepared. You don't have to plan a thing. You spend the weekend hiking, meditating, and doing yoga. You learn how to use breath work to deeply relax. You hear the sound of Tibetan bowls as they bathe your body in sound, guiding you to a state of bliss.

This is the perfect solution for you if you want to learn to let go of the stress, heal from the past worries and discover something new about yourself that you can take with you always. Everything about this weekend is designed to help you release stress, restore peace of mind, and reconnect with your heart’s desires.