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Get out of the city... You love being in nature. You love trying new things. But you have lacked the time because you just feel too busy. Your career keeps you working long hours. You have trouble separating yourself from it. You constantly take on the needs of others. You keep hoping that the next date will make you feel better or if you just find the one, something will finally slow down and help you feel grounded. You find yourself wondering, "am I even legit enough to be everything I want to be?" You drive down the 405 and want to chuck your iPhone out the window.  

It's time to take care of you. You need to shake things up and find a way out of the grind of life. You don't want to do therapy for an hour a week the next 6 months. You want something different. It's time for an adventure, but one that doesn't require a lot of planning and preparation on your part because you already do enough of that everyday.


More than a therapy session. Life changing experiences await. Imagine taking a long weekend in a beautiful wilderness setting. You arrive to a campsite perfectly arranged for you, your gear is prepped and your first meal is being prepared. You don't have to plan a thing. You spend the weekend hiking, meditating, and doing yoga. You learn how to use breath work to deeply relax. You hear the sound of Tibetan bowls as they bathe your body in sound, guiding you to a state of bliss.

This is the perfect solution for you if you want to learn to let go of the stress, heal from the past worries and discover something new about yourself that you can take with you always. Everything about this weekend is designed to help you release stress, restore peace of mind, and reconnect with your heart’s desires.

The Details


After you register, you will start your journey with Zoe, your guide and expert who will help you on a 30 minute phone call to mentally and emotionally prepare for your adventure. You will also receive a welcome packet via email to answer all your questions like what to pack, the schedule, and what to expect.

While there will be plenty of group activities, part of this experience will be learning to spend time alone, with yourself, in nature. This solo opportunity allows you to push your own limits of exploration and interact with the sights, sounds, and serenity of the outdoors, all with the assurance that the space is being secured by your fellow travellers and trained guides. 

In the evenings we take part in council an ancient and tribal practice of sitting around a fire and connecting from our hearts. This is where we will listen to other people's stories, share from our own, find commonality and discover what makes each of us unique. 

Meet Your Guides

ZOE GILLIS, M.A. LMFT   I am a licensed counselor and experienced wilderness guide, and I will be your meditation and retreat leader – assisting you through your entire experience from the time you sign up through your return home.  

MICHAEL KASS  I will be bringing the ancient practice of breathwork and art of storytelling to our experience together. Breathwork allows us to fully oxygenate our body, signaling to our brain that it’s safe, and helping us achieve a state of deep relaxation. In this state, we may access parts of ourselves that have long been neglected. The added element of storytelling helps us better understand and integrate our experience. 

MEGAN DIETZ    I am a reiki master, sound healer, and yoga instructor. During your retreat, I will be using the high-frequency sounds of Tibetan Bowls to guide you back to your natural state of bliss. These Tibetan Bowls emit the sound of Aum or Om, and are used for realigning the chakras, bringing clarity to the mind, and putting us in a theta brain state so that it is easier to fall into a deeper meditation. 

The Investment

The investment for the Joshua Tree Adventure includes, 3 days and a 2 nights stay at a private campground outside of Joshua Tree National Park. All meals, camping gear and daily activities are included. You will also have a half hour phone call with Zoe Gillis, LMFT to support you as you prepare for this journey.

Total investment for 3 days and 2 nights all inclusive adventure: $1,250 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend? 

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome. While some trips are occasionally gender specific, this one is for  everyone, regardless of whether you’ve never been camping at all or are already an experienced pro.

How physically strenuous is the retreat?

This retreat is categorized as Easy, with 2 miles or less of hiking a day on easy terrain. This trip will have an outdoor flush toilet and outdoor camping shower with hot and cold water. The focus will be on meditation, journaling, and council at night. With so much to see and explore on our hikes, we take our time and move as a group. Many people worry about slowing the group down, but these trips are not about speed. They are actually about slowing down everything, so there is no need to worry about holding back the group.

What is included in the cost?

All meals, accommodations, and permits are included. Group gear, cooking supplies, stove, fuel, water purification, and maps, are also provided. Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tent, and any additional gear needed can be provided upon request. 

Taking the time out of your life to go on retreat is a big deal. It is an opportunity to reset your intentions. To help with this process, a 30-minute call aimed at helping you prepare for the experience is built into the cost of the retreat.  

What do I bring?

Generally, you will bring your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and clothing. We can help provide anything you might need but don't already have. Once you have registered, your welcome kit will include a packing list with more details specific to your trip.

Are you able to accommodate food restrictions?

We make a conscious effort to provide healthy and delicious meals, and we are happy to accommodate any food allergies or restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free. Just let us know what you need. 

May I bring my phone?

Although you will be able to have your phone with you, there will likely be no reception. More importantly, part of being on retreat is allowing yourself to disconnect from the constant influx of information and stimulation of daily life. This the perfect time to set aside all your normal distractions and be intentional about where you focus your attention.

What are the transportation arrangements?

Unless otherwise specified in the trip details, you are responsible for getting to and from the retreat locations. Carpooling is encouraged, and we are happy to help you connect with other participants. 

What is the refund policy?

If you cancel your trip less than 2 weeks prior to the departure date, there are no refunds. However, you may transfer your payment to a friend or family member for that specific trip.   

If you cancel your trip 14 to 44 days prior to departure date, you may apply your payment towards a future trip at no additional cost and with no expiration. 

If you cancel your trip 45 days or more prior to departure date, you may receive a full refund minus $100 for administration fees. 

What happens if there is an emergency?

Every trip has a guide who is certified as a Wilderness First Responder. This means they have been trained to deal with any medical emergencies in a wilderness setting. Additionally, when traveling to more remote areas, we carry a satellite phone where we can make calls should there be an emergency.

What are the groups like that attend this retreat?

Group sizes are typically kept between 6-10 participants. We keep the ratio of guides to participants small so that you can have personal attention throughout the retreat. They tend to reflect a diverse range of ages, abilities, and motivations for seeking a wilderness adventure. Some people come with friends, while others seek to make new friends, but all leave with a greater connection to nature, themselves, and the people with whom they shared their experience.