You love being in nature. You love trying new things. But you have lacked the time because you just feel too busy. Your career keeps you working on overdrive. Your love for people and life keeps you moving non-stop and putting everyone else' needs before your own. And you keep hoping that if you just meet the right person, or accomplish your next goal, something or someone will finally slow you down and help you feel grounded. 

You feel burnt out and yearn to tap back into your inspiration and sense of wonder.  And you want to shake things up and find a way out of the grind of life. 

You have tried all the things, hiking, meditating, therapy, and you know you feel better when you do them, but they just don't seem to stick. You are craving a concrete way to create stability and a sense of ease in your life. A community where you can get inspired and be held accountable to doing the things you know will help you be the best version of you. 

You are non-conventional in how you learn and how you grow and you want a program and adventure that meets your need for something epic and transformational. An adventure and journey that doesn't require a lot of planning and preparation on your part because you already do enough of that everyday.

This is a four month journey of learning how to have your own back while you look at the things in your life that you would like to be different.

It is a Mindfulness Journey for The Adventurous Soul

Learn how to slow down and listen to what you need so you can go back into the world, stronger, more independent, and with more to give. Develop tools for slowing down, have conversations with other thought leaders to get inspired, and develop practices that you can take back with you into your daily life. 


Who is a MINDFUL WONDER program for?

- You are an outdoor enthusiasts, young professionals, creative freelancers, entrepreneur or simply an adventurous soul who feels the call to examine both your inner world and your outer world and the interplay between the two. 

- You are not afraid to take on challenges in order to learn more about your edge...

- You want to be connected to a community of thought leaders looking to grow and expand their own capacity to meet challenges and difficulty with openness, curiosity and compassion.

- You are ready to spend four months engaged in meaningful and deep conversations with others and with yourself.

- Adventure, dialogue, and exploration are how you learn best. 



Each month you will learn meditation and mindfulness practices that will help you take a deeper look into your relationship with topics like money, confidence, and success.

Week one will be a live webinar where there will be Q&A at the end.

Week two will be journal prompts and directed personal work.

Week three will be a one-on-one 60 min session with Zoe.

Week four will alter between a live Mindful Wonder Event and facilitated small group check in's. 

Throughout the program we will be using mindfulness, meditation, nature, and community as the foundation for exploring the following topics.  

MONTH ONE: Developing love and wisdom


MONTH TWO: Money & Mindfulness




MONTH FOUR: The self




April 9th @ 2pm - Webinar 1

April 29th 4pm - 8pm: Mindful Wonder Event (Let the Light In) Opening Ceremony

May 7th @ 2pm - Webinar 2 

June 4th @ 2pm - Webinar 3

June 24th 2pm - 4pm: Mindful Wonder Event (Money & Meditation)

July 9th @ 2pm - Webinar 4

July 27th - 29th: Mindful Wonder Retreat Closing Ceremony!