Individual Therapy

You are an artist and a creative.

Whether you are writing, designing, or putting together experiences that rock people's worlds, you are your work. That makes you and what you do incredible, but it can also be a lot. 

When who you are and what you do are so intertwined it can feel like a lot of pressure and hard to know when to put the work down. You find yourself feeling less inspired and more overwhelmed and struggling to separate out your value as a person from the work you love.

When you are working as a freelancer and your whole being is healthy and balanced your work thrives too. Therapy is an investment in your business but even more importantly it is an investment in creating the balanced and meaningful life you want.

Counseling can be an incredible space that not only gives you what you need but can unlock your creativity and give you a new perspective. I am a down to earth, non-traditional therapist who works with creative, non-traditional people providing individual therapy, group therapy, and wilderness retreats. Give me a call at (818) 441-6690 for your free 15-minute phone consultation and to find out more about therapy in Silver Lake, CA. 

Individual Therapy Sessions are $200 (50 min. session)