Z Adventure Wilderness Retreats

Z Adventures provides all inclusive wilderness retreats that use mindfulness practices to cultivate reflection, unlock creativity, and promote emotional and mental well being.

Retreats are led by Zoe Gillis, M.A. a licensed marriage and family therapist with a background in outdoor education. 


Money & Meditation

Is fear holding you back from having a stress free, positive, loving, carefree and easy relationship with money?

Whether it’s fear of taking on investment risks, running out of money, or simply sitting down to look at your monthly bills, many of us can feel overwhelmed when it comes to money matters. The consequences of not addressing those fears, though, can create bigger problems and unintended financial consequences down the road.

Join financial coach Imelda Villalobos and group therapist Zoe Gillis for an evening that will include meditation, practical tools/tips and discussion about how to move past your money fears and cultivate a healthier relationship with money.