Sometimes it can seem like everyone around you has life figured out

Perhaps each time you reach a goal it feels like the bar just gets raised.

You put your heart and soul into what you do only to question whether it’s all worth it.

And it’s not just at work.

Trying to be all things to all people is exhausting.

And the feelings of dissatisfaction, regret, and loneliness show up in your personal life and relationships.

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Whatever it is that you are experiencing, I promise you are not alone.

And there is both hope and help.


Individual therapy and group therapy offer a safe and supportive environment where we can work together to…

identify your needs

explore your challenges, and

make positive changes


In our society, we often avoid discussing the difficulties that can accompany the ups and downs of life.

My goal is to provide a sanctuary where you are invited to arrive as you are, with whatever feelings are present for you.

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Individual or Group therapy

Which one is right for you?

Group therapy is awesome if…

- You have done individual therapy before and you feel like you have a pretty good grasp and understanding of your emotions.

- You want a place (other than work or in your close relationships) to practice skills like speaking up for yourself, responding non-defensively, and articulating your feelings when upset.

- You find yourself stuck in relationship patterns. You know intellectually you want something different but you keep falling back in old habits and feeling hopeless.

- You want a community, and support from people who are interested in knowing themselves and others better.

Group therapy is a great way to forge meaningful connections with others. It can be a place where you can open up about what you are going through, get honest feedback from new perspectives, and hear from others who are working through similar issues.

The group process can challenge you in new and exhilarating ways and is often one of the best forums for learning to manage both interpersonal relationships and your inner emotional life.

Individual therapy might be a better place to start if…

- You have recently been through a trauma or loss and feel raw and emotionally vulnerable. It is important to give yourself the time and space to process all your feelings and get the support you need.

- You have never been to therapy before. This does not mean group would not be a good choice. Group can be an amazing way to gain insight and get support, but having at least 4-6 individuals first can help to clarify goals and make sure you get the most out of group.

If you still feel unsure, no worries. Call me for a free 15 min consultation and I can talk with you about what the next best step is.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to share what you’re going through with family and friends who don’t understand your passions or experiences.

Having someone who is trained and there just for you can be a life saver.

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My background

- Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education from The University of New Hampshire

- Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University

- Master’s degree in Psychology

- Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist for the state of California

- Trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for trauma

Today, I lead two psychotherapy groups and teach meditation for companies, organizations, and private classes.


I am here to support you in identifying your goals, clearing away the obstacles, and navigating a path forward

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The people I work with find that over time they feel…

- lower levels of stress and anxiety
- freedom from the expectations of others
- more confident and less driven by fear

Tangia Effie , CEO of Honor Your Emotions, Inc & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Tangia Effie, CEO of Honor Your Emotions, Inc & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“I met Zoe in 2017 after attending a work retreat. Since then she has become one of my biggest supporters and I consider her to be my “business bestie”, because she is that “ride-to-die” girl that keeps me focused, encouraged, and motivated, whenever I simply feel like giving up.   

She is an amazing listener, super sympathetic, loyal, and truly expects the best for anyone who she works with.  Her creativity, confidence, comfort, courage, and non-judgmental attitude is infectious! Before you know it, she’ll have you accomplishing and overcoming even the hardest obstacle in your life.  

If you’re looking for results, I recommend working with Zoe a million times over!”

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The first step is to either call me or email me to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation. During that phone call we will discuss…

  • What led you to reach out for therapy now?

  • How you hope therapy can help?

  • Any other questions you might have for me.


If you would like to set up an appointment we would look at scheduling a time.

After scheduling an appointment you will get all the forms and important appointment information electronically through a secure HIPAA compliant client portal.




Individual Therapy

$225 per 50 min session

Group Therapy

$65 per 90 min session



How much your insurance covers depends on the type of insurance you have.


I am what is considered an out of network provider. This means I am not contracted with any insurance companies and unfortunately HMO’s do not cover out of network providers.


To find out your coverage you will need to call your insurance company and ask about your out of network mental health coverage. I can help with this process and give you more information during our initial phone call.


I accept United Behavioral Health Motion Picture Insurance. This means you would be responsible for your co-pay which is $128.50.

Paola Bailey, Clinical Psychologist, N.Y.

Paola Bailey, Clinical Psychologist, N.Y.

“I recommend Zoe any chance I get.  She is a talented therapist with a unique balance of genuine and joyful curiosity with deep wisdom and inspiring courage.  With the former, she is able to make people feel safe and heard. With the latter she is able to guide and support people in whatever difficult or frightening journey they may be facing. 

It is this combination of traits that makes Zoe an exceptional therapist, able to come along for any ride and offer guidance and leadership when needed.  It is no surprise that she is able to help people navigate the exterior wilderness (in her retreats) when she is so talented at helping them transverse their internal landscape.  She is a graceful and brave guide who will surely be of immense help to those who seek her services.”

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