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You know that you want to make a difference in this world.  

You know that you have the skills, creativity and passion to have the career and life you envision for yourself.

And yet, you feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to Creating the balance you seek.

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Deep down you know you are strong, passionate, and driven, but when feelings of self doubt creep in and stressors pile up it’s debilitating.

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If trying to do it all feels exhausting, just know you are not alone!

It is common for highly talented people to experience insecurity about their abilities, resentment for their sacrifices, and even disappointment that success isn’t what they imagined.


When who you are and what you do are so interconnected every decision can seem overwhelming and every outcome personal.

Creating a balance between having a career and having a life is a process. And it begins by making time and giving yourself a space to slow down and gain perspective.


I am here to support you in identifying your goals, clearing away the obstacles, and navigating a path forward - calmly and confidently.

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Here you will find guidance on deciding what services are best for you right now.


Whether it’s individual counseling, group therapy, or a wilderness program here you will find a place where you can get the support you need. 



Creating change by starting within.

Do you feel like you're barely holding on? Individual counseling can help you get your feet back on the ground.

Develop insight and a greater sense of wellbeing. Therapy is a time for you to get one on one support to help you gaining clarity and get in touch with your own voice.

Interested in individual therapy?



Learning and growing together

Wanting a community and support system? Ready to gain confidence in saying how you feel and listen to others openly? Then group is a total game changer!  

Therapy process groups are an ideal place to learn how to express yourself confidently, listen deeply, and navigate conflict.

Curious about what group therapy is all about?



Slowing down and settling in

When you feel like you are constantly on the go and things are moving a mile a minuet mediation can be a great way to re-center yourself.

Slow down and allow your nervous system to reset and rest. Learn how to work with challenging thought patterns and big emotions. And begin to move from a state of reactivity to responsiveness.

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From stillness to action

Feeling the need to disconnect and get in touch with a deeper vision for your life? Wilderness retreats are all about that.

Come together in a nature with other creatives, changemakers, activist, and healers to dive deep into your vision for change. Together we will disconnect to reconnect.

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